Colors and Feelings

Colors and Feelings

When you enjoy the pages of a website, walk into a store, go to an event at the arts center, or enjoy nature, do you ever think about how color makes you feel?

Every color can induce feelings and sentiments of a certain significance and it can even hold some power over your choices on things in life. With that in mind, understanding the perceptions that we most often and typically associate with colors has the potential to help you express yourself and recognize how color may impact you and others as well.

Here are some commonly held beliefs on some primary colors that we find interesting and hope you enjoy reading about too.


Red is a color that can be associated with passion, energy, and of course, romance.

It’s also a color that urges people to act quickly. That’s one of the reasons why you find it in many stores near the discounted products. It’s also a color that is said to be able to stimulate appetite, which is why many food establishments use this color to begin with. It’s also known as a power color, think red tie at that big business meeting.



Orange is commonly seen to portray feelings of well-being, success, balance, adventure and creativity.

It’s not as commanding when compared to a color like red, but it does encourage people to feel good. Think about how you feel when you see a gorgeous class of orange juice or a spectacular orange sunset.  It commands attention, but with a more balanced feel.



Blue is the color of the sky and sea. And it often delivers a sense of trust, calm, peace and harmony.

It’s somewhat similar to how brown can cause us to feel connected to mother earth amid its earthy hues.  Blue causes us to feel that connection at times with a more universal tone. Think about how calm you feel when it’s a crisp clear day and you enjoy the color of the beautiful sky. And, have you ever noticed how many entities use blue in their logos? Twitter, Facebook, American Express, GE, HP…the list is really long so we’ll stop there. It’s often used for business logos and things like guarantees and certification badges to emanate a calming sense of trust that can make difference in the eyes of your customers.



Green is often the color of money, it’s also connected to nature, generosity and it delivers a sense of growth.

That’s the reason why a lot of businesses use it too. Because, similar to blue, it conveys a natural sense of trust, while also being very relatable as well.



Purple signifies spirituality, wisdom, nobility as well as power.

We hear it can be a good idea to add hints of purple to packaging for businesses because it can help portray the feeling that you are being served a smart, luxurious business that cares about its customers. It can also signify a sense of delight. It seems this is closely related to spirituality and wisdom sense those entities can often spur a sense of joy and delight when we feel them close to us.



This is a color that evokes optimism, happiness, and the idea of summer.

That being said, you can use yellow as a sign of professionalism, value and trust as well. We all know it’s seen as a cheerful and uplifting color akin to how we feel when the doldrums of winter fade away and the fun of spring and summer advance. Adding even a slight touch of yellow to anything can help produce a positive vibe.



A color that, according to physics, isn’t really a color in and of itself. White is the sum of all colors since it’s actual a representation of light.

Speaking of it as a color here though, white is often used to express goodness, innocence, humility and cleanliness. Think about a fresh snow fall. It always looks so clean, calming, and enchanting. And, this color is also used particularly in the ecommerce world because it allows you to create contrast with other colors to help things stand out.



This is an earthy color and it can deliver a sense of security and comfort. 

It’s used often for natural products or even organic foods. It can also be used by a variety of businesses that want to bring a sense of security to your home. It can provide a calming affect and make you feel more connected to nature.



Black is a color that can represent sophistication, elegance, power and yes…mystery.

This is also a color that can stimulate emotions like anger, sadness, and anything in between. That being said, it’s often the mark of grief. In some countries, when family members are grieving the loss of a loved one, they wear a black band on the arm or black ribbon. And, we all know black is a common color for funeral attire. Black is also seen as versatile, meaning, it goes with anything. So, it’s a very broadly admired and impactful color. But did you know that in physics, it’s not really a color at all. It’s simply the absence of all light that creates it. We think of it as a color here though, and we do love its versatility.



Pink! We love pink here at Colorful Products! It’s a color that often revolves around the ideas of playfulness, fun, whimsy, and delight.

It’s great for portraying a sense of these qualities. You may have noticed that we use a lot of pink here on our website, to include our logo, and we do so as a part of our mission to inspire joy.

Be happy, feel good, just add color!

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